Oh Deer! Gardens and wildlife

If you have just relocated to our lovely Okanagan Valley or have relocated to another home in the area, you may have discovered that your yard is not yours alone to use!  You may discover, as I have, that it is also a buffet for deer!Pics from phone February 2016 038

May 19 2015 001
Broom, Juniper & Firethorn
Russian Sage

Now, my first reaction when I discover Bambi in the yard is to grab my camera before politely asking the cute little thing to leave.  My mother-in-law, on the hand is more inclined to grab the broom!  We have discovered that the delightful creatures are not in the least bothered by our threats or pleas to vacate.  So where does that leave us and what are our options?

As our 4 legged visitors are not likely to leave the area anytime soon, I decided to give the yard a makeover, removing the favourite edibles.

I did some research and found some local plants that are, apparently, not deer friendly.  For a nice ground cover, Juniper is good.  Holly, Boxwood & Firethorn are good hedge material.  Lilacs and Forsythia are good flowering shrubs.  A few more that are my favourites are Broom, Lavender, Poppies and Russian Sage.  I have seen all of these locally, so sure to be available for purchase.  I am sure our local garden centres will have some ideas as well!

Pics from phone February 2016 030
Cedars are definitely on the menu!

Hopefully this has been of some help.  I know that our landscaping is going to change this year and a fence is going around the vegetable garden!

Happy gardening and if you have any ideas, please pass them along!

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